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At Chrisanntha, we’re obsessed with safety. After all, the people on our crews are our friends and neighbors. Before a hammer is picked up, each Superintendent sits with everyone to discuss any hazards for upcoming tasks that day. To guide the discussion we use a TH!NK Sheet (Task, Hazard, Identify risk, Neutralize risk, Keep safety first) which Matt Bragg created. In addition, we host:


  • Weekly Safety Tool Box Talks

  • Quarterly Company Safety Committee Meetings

  • Yearly Safety Stand Down Recognition Lunches


The result of these efforts is a safety record so good, our EMR (used by insurance companies to gauge risk) is just 0.80 — the lowest possible number. That keeps our premiums and overhead down. It also means our schedules aren’t disrupted because of safety incidents and at the end of the day, our workers get to go home to their families.

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