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Food production projects are a niche specialty and require more than general construction knowledge. Chrisanntha understands the intricate factors that can impact cold storage, the requirements for food safety and sanitation protocols, and has experience designing and building lean, clean and green multi-use facilities.

Empire Fruit

Wolcott, New York



Penn Yan, New York


Red Jacket Orchard

Geneva, New York


Great Lakes Kraut Cooler

Shortsville, New York


Cold Storage Capabilities

Companies looking to extend shelf life and slow deterioration of their products turn to Chrisanntha for their cold storage needs. 

We understand the factors that impact temperature, humidity and air flow such as material selection, insulation, ventilation and sealing the building envelope. We can provide a thermally tight design to maximize energy efficiency and minimize operational costs. The benefits of cold storage can help improve outcomes in the pharmaceutical and floral industries as well.

Food Safety and Sanitation

There are unique requirements for food safety and sanitation in the food processing industry. Chrisanntha works to understand the specific protocols that each of our clients must meet to create a design with clean interiors, adequate drainage and appropriate ventilation. Our multi-use facility designs can even accommodate an in-house lab.   

Lean, Clean and Green

Environmental and sustainability considerations are a driving factor for some food production companies when they are considering the construction of a new facility. Chrisanntha has experience with helping to pursue customized LEED certification for your new building. These designs save money, improve efficiency, and create healthier workplaces, helping you to be lean, clean and green.  

Site Preparation for Exterior Logistics

Chrisanntha’s in-house site preparation services provide a distinct advantage for seamlessly integrating your interior design with the exterior logistic needs and transport considerations for shipping and receiving of raw materials and finished products.

Even the most rudimentary concepts such as cold storage can require an intricate design and masterful implementation to capitalize on the benefits. Don’t underestimate the importance of working with an experienced contractor. Call us with your food production construction needs.

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