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Chrisanntha Construction is a family-led construction company that has been planning, engineering and building all types of commercial, industrial, and institutional structures for over 30 years. As our customer testimonials show, our goal is your complete satisfaction — including the experience you have working with us, the price you receive, and the quality of the finished structure.


To build a world-class construction company that fosters the best employees, clients, & construction professionals.


To become the most sought-after Design / Build Construction Company


Integrity, Solutions, Action

What’s it like to work with us?
The Chrisanntha design-build process creates a relationship that is positive and productive. Unlike traditional bid, where design, engineering and construction are done by independent parties, we hire the Architects and Engineers and rely upon our internal staff for much of the construction. This gives us the oversight and authority to ensure that everyone works well together and we can deliver a guaranteed maximum price (GMAX) to you.

Your Chrisanntha Project Manager is your primary contact and you receive daily, real-time updates on your project, including photos, with our PROCORE file-sharing service. If anything should ever go wrong, it’s our problem, not yours. We will fix it without any additional cost or finger-pointing because we manage the process on your behalf from start to finish. 


How will you know you’re getting a great price?
Before you sign a construction contract, we’ll provide you with a guaranteed maximum price (GMAX). You’ll never pay more and because savings opportunities may arise during the construction process, you’ll often pay less. In addition, we value-engineer your project from the start by determining the best cost-to-value ratio for every one of your priorities. Our GMAX Pricing Procedure gives you a spreadsheet of every cost that needs to be bid out, including all bids received, so you can be confident that your final price is a great one. 



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Procore Technical Advantage

Procore is a cloud-based construction management software application that helps firms increase their project efficiency and accountability by providing streamlined project communication and documentation. Users are able to manage their projects from any web-connected mobile device, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

Procore provides users a way to collaborate on projects and view documents, such as submittals, RFIs, contracts, schedules, and drawings. Everyone from general contractors and architects to engineers and construction management firms can edit and share project data from the job site while facility owners can view and interact in each project of their portfolios.


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