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Historic Restorations are a beautiful act of sustainability but can be complex and costly.


They require an experienced contractor with the skills to respond to the surprises that will inevitably be unearthed. Chrisanntha has decades of experience working on historic restoration projects. We can help you preserve, revitalize or reimagine your historic property efficiently and cost-effectively.

Dove Block

Geneva, New York


Rose Hill Tenant Cottage

Geneva, New York


99 Genesee St.

Auburn, New York


The benefit of experience

Historic Restorations can require a great deal of capital, and there are countless variables that can have a negative impact on the budget. At Chrisanntha, we start with a thorough project analysis informed by our decades of experience.  Then we use our professional insights to design value-engineered solutions to keep your project on time and on budget.  The greatest benefit of our experience is your peace of mind.

Real-time Communication

The reality of a historic restoration is that there will always be unplanned discoveries that threaten the project timeline.  Chrisanntha uses Procore, a cloud-based technology that provides real-time project updates.  If an issue is discovered, Procore provides immediate access to all the necessary information so team members can collaborate to find a timely solution. This helps to mitigate any negative impact on the timeline.

Community context

When it comes to a historic restoration project it is important to consider not only the building, but the community as well.  Historic buildings can have cultural significance that needs to be honored and the community may have unmet needs to consider when repurposing a property for development. Chrisanntha has a creative and culturally sensitive design team who can help you explore your options.

Health and Safety

Historical building projects can present unique health and safety challenges. Cracks and leaks can threaten a building’s structural integrity, and archaic materials like lead paint and asbestos can threaten its usability. Our initial project analysis will always assess health and safety risks and our field managers can oversee any necessary remediation and abatement work.  Chrisanntha prioritizes safety throughout a project using 3rd party safety consultants during construction.

When tackling a historic restoration, it is imperative to identify potential challenges upfront. Our thorough analysis and recommendations can help you avoid risks, streamline the building process and provide economical benefit from the start.  We invite you to contact us for a complimentary consultation and explore our gallery to see some of our successful historic renovation projects.

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