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One of the greatest recruitment tools that a private college has is a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing physical campus. The best contractors know how to deliver an attractive end result that also meets utilitarian considerations such as functionality and flexibility in both new and renovated spaces.  Working with an experienced team like Chrisanntha will ensure your project will meet both objectives at a best value price.

Keuka College

Keuka Park, New York


Alfred University: Marlin Way Road

Alfred, New York


HWS: Comstock Hall

Geneva, New York


Alfred University: The Link

Alfred, New York


Blending the past and the present

Chrisanntha has experience updating historic buildings and seamlessly incorporating state of the art technological elements that optimize the functionality of the space. We also have experience designing contemporary buildings and spaces that blend well with the existing architectural landscape of the campus. 

Spaces for now and in the future

Capital projects at a college must include consideration of how emerging technologies and future technological advances could impact space utilization and functionality. Using a Design/Build model is a great way to protect your capital investment now and in the future. Design/Build brings together key players to plan for this and other relevant concerns from the very start of the process, creating spaces that are designed to be adaptable.

Value at every step

Our Design/Build process means we use value engineering for new construction and renovated space. Value engineering offers low cost options that won’t sacrifice functionality. Chrisanntha offers efficiencies born from our experience to ensure our projects are delivered on time, mitigating the risk of costly overruns.

Greater control over your schedule

College campuses can have complicated scheduling constraints related to the academic calendar, alumni events, orientations, and on campus cultural or sporting events. Chrisanntha offers the benefit of in-house site development, concrete and steel erection capabilities which provides greater flexibility and the ability to schedule work at the most optimal time for our client to minimize campus disruption.

To be competitive, private colleges must be able to respond to trends in higher education, including trends in space utilization. From creating new housing options, updating spaces to accommodate new technologies, or restoring culturally significant facilities, Chrisanntha can do it all. View our private college and historical renovation portfolios and contact us to discuss your project.

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