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Construction Management as Advisor Services Model

This model is a hybrid of the traditional bid and design-build methods. As your trusted advisor, we bid out all aspects of the job, working hand-in-hand with you to find the right Architect, Engineer, and Contractor teams. We’re with you every step of the way, from design, bidding, and pay application, right through to on-site observations, document control, and quality assurance. Throughout the process, you’ll also have direct contract with the design and contractor teams.

Construction Manager at Risk (GMAX) Service Model

With this model, Chrisanntha acts as both the Construction Manager and General Contractor. This provides a range of time- and cost-saving advantages. We work closely with the Architect and Engineers to explore alternate materials, systems and space allocations to set a guaranteed maximum price (GMAX). We also oversee all bidding and construction. This coordinated approach focuses the entire team on finding the best solution for your project while guaranteeing your budget.

Construction Management


Chrisanntha offers commercial building sites for sale or lease, from 1 acre lots to 60 acre development sites. They are readily buildable with all utilities available, and we can subdivide them to accommodate your needs. Your project will be built using our design-build model. That means you receive all the advantages of single source responsibility, value-engineering and a guaranteed maximum price (GMAX). Commercial brokers are welcome. We will also entertain leaseback opportunities.



Traditional bid (aka design-bid-build) is the most common kind of construction contract. Chrisanntha has more in-house capabilities than most of our competitors, including foundation work (concrete footers, piers, rebar, and formwork), steel erection (four different sources of pre-engineered metal buildings that we can select from to get the best price) and site work (digging, excavating, putting in stormwater retention ponds, and running utilities to the building). Having a wider range of capabilities provides easier scheduling, which often reduces the timeline for your project. It also ensures the highest level of safety on the job.

Traditional Bid
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