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Design-build is the model we recommend because it delivers so much more to you. Instead of the traditional design-bid-build method, design-build gives you the advantage of a single source of responsibility. We’re your partner, working with you to meet your goals, as well as hiring and overseeing the best Architects, Engineers, and construction teams for your project. 

During the design phase you’ll draw on our experience as we work through your priorities to value-engineer the best solution. We then bid out the construction and, after sharing and confirming each bid with you, present you with a guaranteed maximum price (GMAX). Once you agree to proceed, we oversee all construction, performing the foundation, metal erection, and site work with our own crews. If any savings arise during construction, that money is cost-shared back to you. 

By partnering with Chrisanntha, design-build creates more efficient and constructible designs, faster build times and higher quality structures at a guaranteed price—while you enjoy a cordial, positive working experience.


10 reasons why design-build is your best choice

  1. Single-source responsibility

  2. Guaranteed maximum price (GMAX)

  3. Option to end contractual obligations if not delighted after preliminary design

  4. Valuable advice from the architect/general contractor

  5. Reduced time to completion

  6. Shared savings if the project comes in under the GMAX price

  7. Reduced claims

  8. Efficient procedure for handling change orders

  9. Excellent design-build contract documents by A.G.C.

  10. Peace of mind – our testimonials speak for themselves


A Word from Kevin Bragg


“So you’re building, say, a two million dollar brewery but it looks like five million dollars on paper? Before you spend a dollar on architecture and engineering and watch the construction bids come in over budget, call Chrisanntha. We’ll talk it through with you, learn your priorities and get creative. Then, based on an agreed upon guaranteed maximum price (GMAX), we’ll oversee all construction and make sure everything happens exactly as it should. In the end, you’ll have a structure that reaches and surpasses your original vision — and do it all within budget.”

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