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Since its founding in 1985, Chrisanntha has completed scores of projects in more than a dozen key markets. Our extensive portfolio highlights the diversity and depth of our experience. Every customer, in every market can benefit from the efficiencies in design and processes that we have developed through our decades in the industry.

From a project’s beginning we ask the right questions to get at the heart of our clients' wishes. We thoroughly assess the functional and regulatory requirements of each structure, and will custom-assemble the design, engineering and construction team needed to deliver it. Chrisanntha is an industry leader with access to the most accomplished and reputable subcontractors in the business.


In every market there are unique factors that can impact a project, and the greatest risks are the unforeseen pitfalls that seemingly arise from nowhere. Such circumstances can derail a project’s budget and timeline. Experienced companies like Chrisanntha can minimize their customer’s exposure to such liabilities. 


Regardless of the project or the market, we have likely traveled the road before.  Chrisanntha is adept at identifying and navigating challenges even before they arise, and have market insights to help guide our customers towards the best path forward. 


So whether it’s a machine shop, office building, auto dealership, manufacturing facility, warehouse or even a church, our in-house professionals and the high quality subcontractors with whom we partner work seamlessly to deliver cost-efficient solutions to every customer in every market. 



Renewed Headquarters

What started out as a poorly constructed building was transformed into a beautiful code-compliant renewed headquarters.


Winery early fall - STU GALLAGHER.jpg

Unique Addition

Need a barrel roof in standing seam metal? That’s no problem for Chrisanntha’s expert craftsmen.



Renewable Resources

For this national chain’s Rochester location, Chrisanntha needed to deliver a special look for the store. 


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