Spencer Mickelsen

Spencer Mickelson

Spencer has been a valuable asset to the company since starting his career here in 1985, a central NY resident born into a large family with years of construction experience in their pedigree. He worked his way through the ranks learning from the ground up. First as a laborer and eventually as the “go-to” superintendent for Chrisanntha’s most challenging projects.

Spencer now holds the title of General Superintendent and Safety Coordinator. He excels in this role and is considered a key management employee. His daily routine will take him from the dark early morning hours coordinating some of the day’s field operations to project owner liaison to safety inspector to advisor to all the Project Manager’s at CCC.


Spencer MickelsenGeneral Superintendent/Safety Coordinator
1-585-526-6376 x7116
Cell: 1-585-943-6201
e-mail: smickelsen@chrisanntha.com