The Design Build Process – Why it helps YOU

The design build approach gives you the power to design what you want while keeping it within your budget. During the design phase you can listen to our ideas, experiences, and concepts while incorporating your own. The construction phase is safe, fast, and scheduled.

Instead of the traditional Design-Bid-Build Method, Design-Build provides a single point of responsibility for the entire project. Whereas before, the owner would be contractually tied to two or more entities. The Design Build method grants the Owner a single prime contract with the Design-Build Team.

How it works: Here at Chrisanntha, we would design and engineer your specific project. Our team would work with you to meet the specific goals, constraints, and demands of the project. This method enhances the opportunity for improved coordination between the designers, owner, and Chrisanntha. Design Build creates more efficient and constructible designs, faster review time, and more cost comparisons, all done with a greater overall team approach.

Below are 10 reasons why Design-Build is the best product delivery system for the construction user.

  1. Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMAX)
  2. Ability to stop contractual obligations after preliminary design
  3. Reduced time to complete
  4. Valuable input from the Architect/General Contractor
  5. Shared Savings if the project is under GMAX price
  6. Single Source of Responsibility
  7. Reduced Claims
  8. Economical Procedure to Handle Change Orders
  9. Excellent Design Build Contract Documents by A.G.C.
  10. Peace of Mind. Let our testimonials speak for themselves!