Construction Management

Construction Management as Advisor Services Model

This method is a hybrid of the Design-Bid-Build method and the Design Build method. The way a Construction Management Service works is we are your trusted advisor throughout the project. We work hand in hand with you to find the right Architect/Engineer team and the right Contractor Team(s). We are with you every step of the way regarding design, bid process, pay application, On-site observations, document control, and quality assurance. With a CM service you will have a direct contract with the A/E, Chrisanntha (the CM), and all Contractors performing the work.

What we provide:

  • Cost Estimates
  • Recommendations for Project Delivery
  • Contractor’s scope of work
  • Contractor Safety Program
  • Create contract documents for the Owner
  • Submit a list of prospected Bidders
  • Organization of the Bid and Pre-construction meeting(s)
  • Review Contractor Request for change(s) and advise Owner
  • Review all shop drawings, product data, samples, and testing submittals concurrent with the Architect.
  • Monthly meetings that recap work completed, Project Schedule, review Submittal log, review Request for Information (RFI) log, review Change Order log, review test and inspection reports, Summary of Application of payment, Cash-flow report, and any other item the Owner may require.
  • Observe startup of utilities
  • Turnover as-builts, test reports, and all approved submittals to the owner

Construction Manager at Risk (GMAX) Service Model

This method of Construction offers a number of time and cost savings advantages. Similar to the Design-Build model, we will set a GMAX price with your architect. The Construction Manager at Risk Method we are both the Construction Manager and the General Contractor. We will work closely with your architect to examine alternate materials, systems, space allocation, and provide our design experience. This early coordination fosters collaboration and focuses the entire team on finding the best solutions for your construction project. We will coordinate all bidding procedures and guarantee a maximum price for construction.

Some of our responsibilities would include:

  • Facilitate the design
  • Provide planning board approval services
  • Establish a list of low responsible subcontractors
  • Prepare bid packages
  • Provide estimates
  • Provide and establish schedule
  • Serve as the General Contractor.
  • Guarantee the Cost of Construction